School Improvement: The Case for Professionalism

    RABBI SHIMSHON GEWIRTZ     I remember the first faculty meeting I ran a bit sheepishly. Shortly after assuming my role as general studies principal in a yeshiva high school, I held a faculty meeting to lay out my vision for our department. I told the assembled group that I was hired to help create a great program. An astute teacher at the meeting … Continue reading School Improvement: The Case for Professionalism

Professional… Development

    MRS. MIRIAM GETTINGER As professionals, we appreciate the value of cutting edge educational initiatives and seek to have our teachers, both kodesh and chol, utilize current best practices in their instruction of students. Some of us read vociferously and others network regularly to dialogue with colleagues, maintaining our freshness and focus. Yet reality sets in, and truth be told, we all feel overwhelmed … Continue reading Professional… Development

What Subject Am I Teaching? A Rebbi’s Perspective

    RABBI YONAH GEWIRTZ  Many years ago, I attended a professional development Yom Iyun. One of the sessions was about teaching Sefer Shmos to fifth graders. Since that was one of the classes I was teaching, I attended the session, hoping to pick up some useful ideas.The presenter’s theme was effective strategies to make learning Sefer Shmos less difficult for fifth grade students. He … Continue reading What Subject Am I Teaching? A Rebbi’s Perspective

School Research to School Excellence

Nine Leadership Behaviors of Principals that are Correlated to Higher Student Achievement Unpacking Chapter 4 of School Leadership that Works, by Robert Marzano, Timothy Waters, and Robert McNulley (2005)      ETTI SIEGEL, MSED Principals work hard to make their schools run efficiently. Creating systems, keeping up with curriculum, hiring, firing, dealing with teachers and parents, and of course, dealing with errant children, keep a … Continue reading School Research to School Excellence

Seeking Submissions

Colleagues, This is an exciting project. The Journal of Jewish Day School Leadership is a platform where we can learn from each other and experts in our vocation. It is a place where Jewish Day School leaders can share their successes and experiences and discuss their common challenges. It is a tool to start conversations and move the dial on important issues that we all … Continue reading Seeking Submissions