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School Culture: Priorities

MRS. MIRIAM GETTINGER We all have memories from our elementary school experience. One of my most poignant memories centers around a classroom discussion during Chanukah at the Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami […]

The Power of Your Story

RABBI DR. YERACHMIEL GARFIELD When Dr. Irvin Scott stood in front of Longfellow Hall at Harvard University and said he wanted to tell us his story, I assumed his lecture would be […]

Are We Our Teachers’ Keepers?

We entered education because we love children. Whether there was a teacher who made a pivotal difference in your life and you want to pay it forward, you love a certain age group, or you found that you have a knack of explaining difficult concepts to others, you didn’t go into education because you want to work with adults.

Professional… Development

    MRS. MIRIAM GETTINGER As professionals, we appreciate the value of cutting edge educational initiatives and seek to have our teachers, both kodesh and chol, utilize current best practices in their […]